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Why Buy a Tripod Floor Lamp?


Floor lamps — and lamps in general — are pieces of furniture that can easily be overlooked. They’re usually cast in corners or positioned on the periphery of rooms. They’re rarely the focus or a core element of decoration. And this is a real shame because there are so many different styles to choose from.


In this blog, we’ll talk about the tripod floor lamp, which is one of the most popular types of floor lamps available. Here’s why you should consider one.


What Is a Tripod Floor Lamp? 

One of the most unique elements of a tripod floor lamp is the base, which is composed of three columns. These columns work together to hold the lampshade and bulb upright. The tripod floor lamp is a slightly modified version of a standard single-column floor lamp design, and it can add character to your space and upgrade its overall style.


The differences that a tripod floor lamp displays (i.e., its base) are primarily decorative. Most tripod floor lamps will have fairly modest shades so that the eye will be drawn to the base of the lamp. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, the Redcliffe Floor Lamp has a novelty sphere shade that creates a globe-like look. That said, most tripod lamps will feature a traditional fabric cylinder shade.


If you decide that you want to include a tripod floor lamp in your room, you should avoid sticking it in a corner or hiding the base. Remember, one of the most unique aspects of this lamp is the base, and concealing it behind a chair, bookshelf, curtains, or other furniture doesn’t allow it to shine as fully as it could.


Best Tripod Floor Lamp Options 

Are you in the market for a tripod floor lamp? Because they have three points of contact with the ground, the base is sturdier and displays foolproof balance. If you’re decorating a home with small children, a tripod floor lamp may be a better option for you than a traditional floor lamp.



Depending on your desire for lighting, a tripod floor lamp may be a great option. With a cylindrical lampshade, diffused light is emitted and naturally filtered. This type of lamp offers a more subdued feel. So, while you’re adding a lighting option to whichever room you’re decorating, this lamp offers a cozier and more subdued feel.


Here is a nod to tripod table lamps as well!


Final Thoughts 

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