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What is an Indoor Utilitarian Floor Lamp?


A large part of decorating your house is learning what your design style is. In this blog, we’re going to discuss one of those styles known as utilitarian or utility furniture, which rose to popularity in the early 1940’s. Let’s look at the history of utilitarian furniture as well as some examples of indoor utilitarian floor lamps.


The History of Utility Furniture

Utility furniture was first produced after World War II. The furniture was specifically designed to cope with raw material shortages and rationing of their usage. Because of shortages, the goal was to produce strong, well-designed pieces that made efficient use of lumber. As a result, they were primarily simplistic and purposeful.


Once the war and hard times were over, utility furniture ceased to be popular. The demand for ornamentation arose once again. People tended to prefer more decorated pieces over plain ones. However, if you’re seeking a minimalistic design for your room, utilitarian lamps may be your preferred direction.


What are Indoor Utilitarian Floor Lamps?

A utilitarian floor lamp follows the same thought of many other utility furniture pieces. It’s a 2-in-1 model. You not only get a floor lamp but also a shelf or table attached to the lamp. If you’re looking to add a floor lamp near a couch, chair, or bed, then having this shelf can eliminate the need for a side table. See below for our top five favorite indoor utilitarian floor lamps.


  1. Cairo Red Floor Lamp with Table

This is a transitional floor lamp ideal for a club chair (also known as a smoking chair or leather armchair). Halfway down the lamp is a circular 14” diameter black tempered glass shelf where you can place your favorite book, cocktail, or a tasteful decoration. This lamp is ideal for a bar or study.


  1. Franco Floor Lamp with Table

The name of this table is a nod to founder Franco Scaladmandre. Like the above, it has a circular 14” diameter black tempered glass shelf table halfway down the lamp where you can place your favorite book, cocktail, phone, or a tasteful decoration. This lamp would be ideal in a living space.


  1. Glenalvon Floor Lamp

This bronze color floor lamp may be the perfect modern addition to your space. It has a small shelf fit for your phone or other small accessories if you’re sitting nearby. Surprise! It also has an easily accessible USB port located on the side of the shelf. This lamp is expertly crafted and hand-finished to ensure long-lasting quality.


  1. Legano Floor Lamp

Skip a side table altogether and purchase the Legano Floor Lamp for your home. This expertly handcrafted lamp is fit for almost any modern style. You’ll have everything you need — beverages, phones, or small articles — within reach thanks to the shelf.


  1. Tamron Floor Lamp

Of all the lamps on this list, the Tamron is the most unique in its design. Instead of a small circular table, the lamp features a rectangular inspired table with slightly more space. If your room has angular furniture already (i.e., a sectional), and you’d like to complement it with a floor lamp, then this is exactly the one you should go for.  


Final Thoughts

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