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Top 5 Corner Floor Lamps


Floor lamps are tall lamps designed to stand and position light higher in the room. It typically has the following features: 

  • A weighted floor lamp base, which sits on the floor and provides stability
  • A tall pole, which elevates light in the room
  • A switch to operate the floor lamp
  • A lamp socket (or sockets) for bulbs to provide light, which is typically mounted near the top of the pole
  • A lampshade over or around the light bulb to shield your eyes from the glare and to direct light in a particular direction


Because the increased light is helpful for performing activities (i.e., reading, writing, using technology, etc.), floor lamps are often positioned in the corner of a room or behind a seating area. In this blog, we’ll look specifically at why floor lamps are so ideal as corner lighting options and which ones you should select if you’re looking for a corner floor lamp.


Why Should Floor Lamps Go in the Corner?


  • They provide ambient light when placed in the corner 

Ambient light is light that is reflected, filtered, or diffused. Floor lamps, especially torchiere floor lamps, do a great job of providing ambient light when they’re located in the corners of rooms. If you seeking to light your whole room, go this route when purchasing a floor lamp!


  • They can be used for specific activities when placed in the corner 

As mentioned above, corner floor lamps are ideal for tasks like reading, writing, crocheting/knitting, or using technology. They’re easy to place behind a comfortable, cozy armchair. For these purposes, we recommend reading lamps, pharmacy lamps, and arc lamps. These types of lamps will direct light downward, so you’re able to see exactly what you’re doing.


  • They aren’t distracting when placed in the corner 

Floor lamps are incredibly functional, but they’re also decorative. If you’re looking for a way to light the room, a floor lamp is a great option. You’re able to put it in the corner, and it won’t serve as the focal point. You can opt for a more traditional lampshade, pole, and base that will help it blend in with your surroundings.


There are some floor lamps that make more of a statement, but in most cases, interior designers will argue that these types of lamps simply don’t belong in the corner. If you’re going for a corner floor lamp, go a bit more neutral!


Best Corner Floor Lamps

  1. Angelo Floor Lamp
  2. Adeline Floor Lamp
  3. Mortis Floor Lamp
  4. Prestwood Floor Lamp
  5. Goswell Floor Lamp, Pale Green Accent or Goswell Floor Lamp, White Accent


Final thoughts

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