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Top 3 Searched Floor Lamp Colors


Did you know that the top three most searched for colors of floor lamps as of April 2021, were Gold Floor Lamps, Black Floor Lamps, and Brass Floor Lamps?   Crystal Floor Lamps came in fourth place.


  1. Gold Floor Lamps instill a glamorous look to any décor.
  1. Black Floor Lamps reflect wealth, strength, and style.
  1. Brass Floor Lamps add a touch of class and elegance to your room. 


Honorable mentions:

  • Crystal Floor Lamps exude luxury and come in a variety of styles. Crystals come in various cuts.  Designers cut and etch crystals into pieces of artwork.  Crystals dripping from an illuminating light source casts rays and dance around your living space. 
  • Silver Floor Lamps lighten up the décor of a room. If you have a heavy feeling over all in the decoration of your room, silver will lift the overall pitch of the coloring of the room.
  • White Floor Lamps freshen up a room. Many purchase this color for their nursery, kitchen, or sun room.
  • Multi-Color Floor Lamps are vibrant and will liven up a dull room. Play rooms, garages, she-sheds, nurseries, and children’s rooms invoke a cheerful nature and create happy memories.


Regardless of the color you are searching for, floor lamps are versatile in every color.  A pop of color will readily change the mood of any room.  Purchasing floor lamps are the least expensive way to remodel and uplift your home.


Select your luxury floor lamps here at luxuryfloorlamps.com and instill a bit of glamour, style, and elegance to all of your rooms.  Floor lamps are easily portable and an electrician is not required!