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Part 2: Rules for Decorating with Floor Lamps


Welcome back! We’re glad you enjoyed our Part 1 blog of Rules for Decorating with Floor Lamps, and we’re happy you’ve come back to read more about how to style one of the best lighting options available to you. Let’s jump right into it!


  1. Evaluate the scale of the floor lamp

Have you ever ordered a couch only to realize (too late) that it’s completely the wrong size for its intended location? You’re not the only one! This can happen with furniture, fixtures, etc., and it can be incredibly frustrating as you’re decorating your home.


Here’s your friendly reminder to mind the scale of your space as you’re selecting a floor lamp. You don’t want to select a lamp that’s too big or small for its location. Measure ahead of time, so you can reference these measurements whenever you’re ordering online. Additionally, try to keep all lamps in the room around the same height as this will be more visually pleasing.


  1. Place lamps appropriately

Once you’ve selected a floor lamp for a room, make sure you place them appropriately. Two easy spots for floor lamps are dark corners and reading areas. When a floor lamp stands in a corner, it’s able to radiate light to the entire room. You may think of a floor lamp as a simple addition, but it’ll end up making a big difference for the entire atmosphere.


  1. Prioritize function

As noted in part one, floor lamps are two-fold. You want to make sure they are both decorative and functional. For the latter, they need to be sufficient for any tasks or activities that you want to accomplish in the space. To do this, evaluate the lampshade and what you need it to do. For example, a lamp that illuminates an entire room or provides task lighting for reading should have a translucent shade. Then again, if you’re looking for a lamp that provides some light but more of a dramatic flair for décor purposes, then you should opt for an opaque shade.


  1. Look at the hardware

This “rule” is only relevant if you intend to find your base and shade separately or replace a shade on a lamp you’ve already purchased. Not all lampshades attach to bases in the same way. Some require a harp while others sit on the hardware attached to a bulb’s base. Still, others clip right onto the bulb. To successfully attach any base and shade, you’ll need to make sure both have the same fitting before purchase.  


At LuxuryFloorLamps.com, our lamps come pre-paired, so you won’t have to worry about selecting a base and shade separately.


Final thoughts

Are you ready to start shopping? Visit us at LuxuryFloorLamps.com to start looking for your next floor lamps, so you can start putting some of these rules into practice. You’ve got this!