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New Year, New Lamp: 2022 Lighting Trends


Every year design experts try to predict the trends in every category. Paint colors, lighting, furniture, and so much more. As curators of stylish and modern contemporary portable lighting, we pay special attention to lighting trends as lighting is an essential component of a successful design scheme. Let’s take a look at lighting trends in 2022.


  1. Lighting as a design focal point

Bold lighting is in. You want to carefully craft all your lighting options in every room to balance everything and draw the eye. While people typically leave lighting until last, consider making it your starting point. When you have superior lighting in your room, everything else will look fabulous as well.


  1. Bold statement pieces

Most people think of lamps as boring, but there are some interesting designs available to you. If you find a lamp with sculptural shapes, interesting texture, colored glass, feathers, or something else that calls to you, don’t be afraid to go for it! These designs will make a style statement even when the light is switched off. When a lamp is an art piece as well as a functional lighting fixture, it serves the room in multiple ways.


  1. A symmetrical approach

A symmetrical approach to décor is often recommended as it creates smart and balanced rooms. You can do this in a variety of ways. For example, we recommend purchasing two matching floor lamps to place on either side of your bed or couch. You may also consider matching table lamps on a table that frame a mirror or piece of art.


  1. Light up your space with color

The word on the street is that color is back, so if you see a color floor lamp, consider incorporating that into your décor. You don’t have to be afraid of color. Go for those uplifting hues, mismatch your bases, and embrace all different pairings! The visual interest in your room will be superb.


  1. Layer lighting your home office

It may be a new year, but if you are continuing to work from your living space, freshen up your space and consider using different lamps to create the right environment. Your lighting has a tremendous impact on your productivity. So, during the day, opt for LED task lighting as it’s white and bright. Diffused lighting can create a warmer environment. 


Final Thoughts
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