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Metallic Floor Lamps & Table Lamps


Metallic Floor Lamps & Table Lamps


Metallic surfaces have been a top interior design trend for some time now. If you’re looking to upgrade your décor, you may consider doing it by integrating some metallic floor lamps or table lamps throughout your home. Here’s what you need to know.


Why Metallic?  

Lustrous metals give décor a warm and beautiful glow. These elegant surfaces have a magical attraction, and when you combine them with light, it’s absolutely beautiful. People also love metallic because it’s incredibly easy to combine with other interior design trends. This means you don’t need to redo everything you’ve already done to incorporate it. You can build on what already exists in your room and mix and match different textures and styles.


Best Way to Bring Metallic Décor into Your Home


  • Mix and match metals 

There used to be a lot of talk about not “mixing metals.” Once you picked a metal for a room, you had to stick with it. Now, however, the “no mixing metals” rule has officially gone out the window. People love pairing gold and silver, tarnish and shine, etc. You can embrace experiencing with unusual color combos as you bring metallic into your home.


  • Use gold and silver in unexpected places 

Do you love the idea of using pops of gold and silver in a room? Do it! We have several lamps in gold or silver that can help bring out your rooms glamorous side.


  • Choose the right metal for your home 

Most metals can be decorated with; however, not all metals are sturdy enough for furniture. As you consider integrating metal into your décor, remember that stronger metals like wrought iron and stainless steel are best for furniture while software metals can be used for accent pieces.


Our Favorite Metallic Floor Lamps & Table Lamps 

If you’re looking for metallic floor lamp options, look no further! Check out the following to see if any catch your eye. We’ve also included a few table lamps in this mix in case you’re on the hunt for those as well.


Floor Lamps

  1. Rhango Floor Lamp
  2. Redcliffe Floor Lamp
  3. Mortis Floor Lamp
  4. Hammond Floor Lamp
  5. Colton Floor Lamp
  6. Geo Rectangle Floor Lamp
  7. Tinsley Floor Lamp
  8. Happy Floor Lamp
  9. Jutka Floor Lamp, matching Jutka Table Lamp
  10. Jace Floor Lamp, Nickel, matching Jace Table Lamp, Nickel


Table Lamps

  1. Karval Table Lamp
  2. Kendra Table Lamp
  3. Ormond Table Lamp
  4. Alexis Table Lamp
  5. Adaline Table Lamp
  6. Braelynn Table Lamp
  7. Jaiden Table Lamp
  8. Ellerman Table Lamp
  9. Jacoby Table Lamp, matching Jacoby Floor Lamp
  10. Jace Table Lamp, Brass, matching Jace Floor Lamp, Brass


Final thoughts

Start shopping for your next floor lamp at LuxuryFloorLamps.com! We have a curated collection of stylish modern and contemporary lamps that will help revamp any room in your house. Get started here


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