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How to Light Your Home Library


If you’ve recently transformed a room in your house into a home library, then you know two things are necessary: cozy armchairs and task lighting. This will ensure a comfortable spot to read whatever material you have waiting for you, without that dreaded eye strain and a sore neck!


In this blog, we’ll jump into the best ways to light a reading room or home library (and you know that a floor lamp is on that list!). Let’s get started.


Tips on Lighting for Your Home Library


Before we get into specific lamps, reflect on the types of décor options you want to make for your home library or reading nook. Many people think of libraries as cold, stale, and uncomfortable places. This is probably because public libraries are a bit clinical — they focus too much on helping people find a book and not enough on helping people enjoy the book they’ve found. But this is your space now! You can do whatever you want with it, and if you want to open your favorite book, sit in your favorite chair, and read for hours, then the room should make that possible.


When it comes to reading, lighting is essential. Reading in dim light can cause stress and eye strain and too-bright light can also cause problems. For the best effect, warm lighting is often the way to go. This will create a cozy and comfortable vibe in the room while still being easy on the eyes. Light bulbs with a color temperature between 2000K and 3000K should give you the ambiance you’re seeking.


We also suggest lamps rather than overhead lights when possible. This will ensure you have enough light on your reading material. Plus, with warm lamp lighting, you’ll avoid replicating the flicking florescent lights of nearly every public library you’ve ever been to.


Floor lamps are often a great option because they help to direct the light downward. You can position it near a desk or over the back of any type of couch or chair. And there’s a huge variety of floor lamps that’ll help fit any style or space. Keep reading for some of our favorite floor lamps for any and all home libraries.


Best Floor Lamps for Your Home Library

  1. Babel Marble Base Floor Lamp
  2. Calvin Floor Lamp White
  3. Hammond Floor Lamp
  4. Irvin Floor Lamp
  5. Lars Floor Lamp
  6. Mortis Floor Lamp
  7. Xavier Floor Lamp White
  8. Piper Floor Lamp Golden
  9. Wesley Floor Lamp Black Marble
  10. Otto Floor Lamp Oil Bronze or Otto Floor Lamp Polished Nickel


Many simply choose a traditional floor lamp!


Final thoughts 

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