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How to Decorate Your Homes with Bronze Sculpture Lamps


Have you seen our beautiful bronze sculpture lamps? Have you wondered how to incorporate them into your existing décor or how you can decorate a room with them as the center?


Bronze statues and sculptures are long-lasting, beautiful pieces of art that both make a statement and add a luxurious touch to your home. Here are our best tips for using these pieces in your home.


  1. Don’t overdo it 

You may have seen bronze sculptures in other living spaces previously. Too often, they’re placed in cluttered living spaces where they don’t get the recognition they deserve. When you purchase a bronze sculpture, you should recognize it as a statement piece. It’s intended to draw the eye in and serve as a conversation piece. This can’t happen if it’s placed in too close of proximity to other decorative items as the eye won’t know where to focus.


We suggest starting with one or two bronze sculptures that we’ve selected below. This allows you to choose one that is meaningful for you and to select your placement and framing for it thoughtfully (tips on that below!).


Indoor examples:


Please note, with an electrician’s expertise most indoor bronze sculptures can be weatherproofed for outdoor use.


Outdoor example:



  1. Select your placement carefully

Bronze sculptures are three-dimensional pieces that are best viewed from all sides. The floor lamps above shouldn’t be placed snuggly in a corner if you can avoid doing so. Remember, this is a piece of art. You shouldn’t stick it in a corner like any old lamp, and you shouldn’t hang it against a wall like any print. You want to find a spot in your home where your bronze sculpture floor lamp can be viewed from multiple angles.


We suggest placing any of the pieces above in a large entryway, on a table or pedestal in the center of a formal room, or on a mantel/hearth if they’re smaller. Depending on the statue and its height, the floor can even be appropriate. Just keep in mind that you want it to be accessible for people to view as it’s a special piece.


  1. Frame the bronze sculpture appropriately 

No, you don’t have to frame it literally, but you should avoid placing such an elegant statue against a busy background. If you do this, it’s likely the handcrafted detail will get lost, which ultimately detracts from the beauty of the piece.


When we say busy backgrounds, we mean bright or patterned wallpaper. So instead, include sufficient white space around your statue and make it the focal point of your space. No point in investing in a piece that will be overlooked in your space!


Final Thoughts 

Bronze statue floor lamps can take both your home and garden décor to the next level. It’s an investment in your entire room, and you want to make sure its beauty and elegance are seen. Choose one of our bronze floor lamps above and then use it in your décor accordingly.


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