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How to Choose a Floor Lamp


No space is complete without the right lighting. A new floor lamp can absolutely transform a room, and we’re here to help you choose the perfect one for your space.

While searching, consider these five questions to find the ideal fit.


  1. How big is the floor lamp?

The size of your floor lamp will vary with its type. For example, a torchiere lamp is tall but narrow. It’s entirely vertical and often easy to fit into its surrounding space as a result.


On the other hand, arc floor lamps have a horizontal extension and take up significantly more room. If you don’t have the proper space, then this may not be the correct décor option. The same goes for a floor lamp with a tripod base. Consider the space you have available on the floor. No one wants to squeeze in a lamp only to trip over it daily!


  1. How tall is the floor lamp?

Once you’ve determined whether a floor lamp will physically fit your space, factor in its height. The taller the light source is the wider the light will spread. Having the light spread far and wide can be great if you’re after ambient lighting. However, it may be less ideal for task lighting. Do you need the floor lamp for reading on the couch or doing a puzzle on a nearby coffee table? In this case, you may want it to be a little bit more focused.


Furthermore, depending on the height of everything else in the room, you’ll want to make sure your floor lamp matches. Some lamps come with adjustable heights for this reason.


  1. Does the floor lamp provide the correct type of lighting?

Above, we talked a little bit about whether the floor lamp provided the right type of lighting for the room. Let’s expand on this idea. There are three “layers of light” you can decide from:


  • Ambient - General lighting serving as the primary source for a certain room
  • Task - Direct illumination to lighten up your reading chair, etc.
  • Accent - Brightens up a specific space and adds some accent lighting


Depending on what type of lighting you desire will dictate which type of lamp you select. It should also affect its placement in the room as well.


  1. How much does the floor lamp cost?

One of the best aspects of floor lamps is that they vary greatly in price. Some are incredibly low-cost because they’re purely functional models while some are more expensive because they’re artistic designs. Generally speaking, if you opt for a more aesthetic floor lamp, then it’ll be more expensive, and this naturally factors into the decision-making process.


  1. Do you like the floor lamp?

Never forget this question! A floor lamp can hit on the first four criteria above, and you may not love it. Continue to search for the perfect floor lamp to put in your space because it can change the entire room!


Final thoughts

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