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How Lightbulbs Can Change the Ambiance of a Floor Lamp


At LuxuryFloorLamps.com, we talk a lot about the perfect lamp. The right lighting can absolutely change a space. Today, we’re talking about finding the perfect ambiance in any room by changing the lightbulb. Here’s how you can create this balance in your home!


What is ambiance?

The English word ambiance comes from the French word “surrounding.” It means the mood or atmosphere of a certain environment. Lighting can impact ambiance in a number of ways. Brighter lighting can create stronger emotions and a sense of energy while dimmer lighting can have a calming effect.


How does color temperature predict ambiance?

The color temperature of light (measured in degrees Kelvins) determines the ambiance. This is because some lightbulbs emit the same color of white light while others provide cold white light and others provide warm white light. Ultimately, the lightbulb that you choose for each of your rooms will determine the ambiance, mood, productivity, and energy levels.


Which lightbulb do I choose?

You’ve selected the perfect floor lamp for your office, living room, or bedroom, but something isn’t right. It hasn’t given your room the effect that you want. What’s wrong? It can’t be the lamp!


Well, it’s probably the light bulb. Here’s what we recommend in terms of the bulb itself when it comes to the ambiance of the room.


  1. Home office

If you have a floor lamp in your office, consider lightbulbs with bright neutral light and mid-range lumen rating. They are great at imitating daylight, which means you’ll stay awake and alert in your workspace.


  1. Living room

Do you have a favorite reading chair in your living room that you love to lounge in? Light bulbs for lounging spaces can be tricky. You need a bulb that’s simultaneously bright enough to light the room and also relaxing and cozy. In this case, select an LED filament bulb with a warm white color temperature for your main lighting and vintage light bulbs for your floor lamp. This will help keep your room balanced.


  1. Bedroom

Your bedroom is a sacred space. If there’s anywhere you want a calming and soothing quality of light, it’s here! Choosing bulbs for your floor lamp that have a warm color temperature and low lumens will help keep your space relaxing and restful.


Final thoughts

The work isn’t done after you’ve selected the perfect floor lamp! You also have to consider how the light bulb itself impacts the ambiance of the room. Follow our advice to ensure you’ve created the proper balance, and transform your room’s mood, productivity, and energy levels.


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