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Floor Lamps that Blend into Surroundings


There’s a common misconception in interior design that “more” is better. More color, more art, more patterns, more everything. However, that may not be your style. While your friends may love busy space and collection tons of items to put on their shelves or hang on their walls, you may want to keep it simple.


And guess what? That’s okay! Keeping your home decoration subtle can go a long way. When you overload the senses, you can quickly make a room overwhelming. Integrating subtle décor can allow you to better convey a room’s purpose and facilitate its visual flow.


In this blog, we’ll show you some floor lamp options that easily blend into surroundings. They aren’t overly noticeable in their size, shape, or color; they just provide lighting for the room in the background.


Check out some of our favorite subtle floor lamps that blend into their surroundings below.


  1. Eburne Floor Lamp 

If you want a subtle lamp with neutral hues, the Eburne Floor Lamp is an optimal contender. The body and base of this lamp are a gray hand-finished composition, and the shade is made of natural linen. You can place this lamp in any room, and it’ll provide light without drawing the eye away from other décor.


  1. Becker Floor Lamp

If you’re loving the all-white trend that’s taking over some homes, then this is a subtle lamp that won’t ruin your theme. It’ll blend into an all-white or mostly white surrounding without any issue. The body is silver with a natural finish marble base, and the shade is white linen. It’s simple yet sophisticated.


  1. Lauderdale Black Floor Lamp

When you think of a classic floor lamp, the Lauderdale in black is likely what you’re thinking of. There’s nothing outrageous or flamboyant about this lamp, but that may be why you love it. It’ll go with other traditional décor items and light your room without making a fuss. This lamp would be great for those with darker room décor.


  1. Edis Floor Lamp

The Edis Floor Lamp has vintage charm in neutral tones. Similar to the Eburne lamp, you may want a lamp that you can place in any room without drawing too much attention to it. We recommend this lamp if your décor style leans a bit more country or farmhouse.


  1. Hadlee Floor Lamp

This traditional floor lamp is similar to the Edis and Eburne with its vintage charm. It features a natural linen shade and can be paired with just about any décor style thanks to its neutral color scheme.


  1. Maxwell Brass Floor Lamp

This floor lamp is a bit more modern than some of the others on this list. It features a beige linen shade and a bronze accented crystal body and aged brass base. As the style of this floor lamp leans traditional, it won’t draw the attention away from other pieces in the room and rather remain in the background as a light source.


Final thoughts 

Start shopping for your next floor lamp at LuxuryFloorLamps.com! Whether you’re looking for something bold and bright or subtle and understated, we carry a wide array of stylish and modern lamps. Floor lamps can be used to revamp any room in your house. Start here to see more.  


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