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Floor Lamps for Nurseries


Congrats on your new bundle of joy! Whether you’re decorating your first, second, or third nursery, setting up a room for the newest addition to the family is incredibly exciting. Yet, while most parents-to-be fixate on furniture, colors, and baby accessories, there’s often not enough focus on lighting. Having the right balance of natural and lamp light will give this room all the functionality it needs even in the earliest days of parenting. Here are our top tips for lighting a nursery as well as the best floor lamps to fulfill your needs.


Top Nursery Lighting Tips


  1. Avoid harsh lighting 

All your light fixtures should have a warm, inviting, and cozy vibe about them. This will help to reduce the contrast between light and dark and prevent over-stimulation in your baby. A good way to do this is to avoid halogens and exposed bulbs, which can make your child anxious and uncomfortable. Select “soft-white” and “daylight” bulbs that’ll be easier on your baby’s eyes.


  1. Create light layers 

When you think of a baby’s nursery, you may initially think of soft and soothing lighting. However, there will be times (i.e., diaper changing) that you need brighter lighting to help you see what you’re doing. To achieve this, create layers of light with multiple options. Having a bright ceiling lamp, floor lamps, and perhaps another fixture through the room. In general, having a minimum of three points of light is a good rule of thumb.


  1. Use floor lamps when baby is young 

Floor lamps are ideal task lighting near changing tables and rocking chairs while the baby is young (under 6 months). However, once they become more mobile, they can become a bit more hazardous to your little one. The last thing you want is to have a tall floor lamp come crashing to the ground because your curious babe tugged on the cord or pushed it over. Floor lamps are a great addition and can help create that light layer look — just be mindful of how they’ll factor into babyproofing!


  1. Control natural light 

If your nursery has access to natural light, don’t waste it! Utilizing natural light to brighten the room during daylight hours makes the nursery a usable play space for your baby. That said, we also recommend finding a suitable window-treatment option to keep the nursery dark at naptime and bedtime. This can prevent overheating (a contributing factor for SIDS) and help to keep the baby asleep longer.


Best Floor Lamps for Nurseries  

Here are some of our favorite floor lamp picks for nurseries. Check out the options below and see if any of these options match the vibe you’re looking for in your baby’s room.



Final Thoughts  

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