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Floor Lamps for Dinettes & Small Kitchen Corners


Should you have lamps in your kitchen? Of all the rooms in your house, the kitchen is one of the least common to see lamps. However, there is a real case for bringing them into this space. Explore some of the reasons why.


Why You Might Need a Lamp in Your Kitchen


  1. Lamps soften the kitchen 

Lamps offer low lighting in a space that typically relies on high ceiling lights or pendant lights. If you’ve ever tried to hang out in your kitchen into the evening, you may recognize that there’s a point it ceases to feel inviting. A lot of this has to do with the lighting, which sets the ambiance. Overhead lighting is popular because it gives a space a sharp, clean look. However, for people, it casts pronounced shadows across the face and can even cause migraines and dry eye syndrome. When even hits, turn off those overhead lights and turn on your floor lamps in the kitchen


  1. Lamps make it feel less industrial

By bringing in lighting in the form of floor lamps, it makes your kitchen feel more relaxed and less industrial. You’re not just there to work and prepare food, and you don’t have to deal with abrasive lighting. Instead, you can customize the look and feel of this space that you live in relax in with personal touches.


  1. Lamps make your kitchen feel more relaxed 

The kitchen and dining areas are often the center of the home. Unfortunately, because the existing lighting doesn’t often fit the needs as a gathering space, people may gravitate toward other areas of the home (living room, basement, bonus room, etc.) Make your kitchen more relaxed and functional by adding floor lamps. The lighting will set the ambiance for the room and help you use it for its intended purpose. You can eat here, drink here, and socialize here just like you want to.


Lamps We Love for Kitchens and Dinettes 

Unlike a table lamp, you can set a floor lamp on your kitchen table, counter, or island. However, you can put a floor lamp in the right corner if it exists. We recommend assessing the area as you’re moving in your furniture and considering where alternate light fixtures could go. You’ll be grateful that you have these options when you’re using your kitchen day to day.


Here are some we’ve picked from our collection at LuxuryFloorLamps.com.


  • Calvin Floor Lamp - This subtle pick is white and would stand tall in a corner to light the whole room.
  • Modern Arc Design Floor Lamp - This is an ideal pick for fitting into tight corners and providing perfect illumination!
  • Wesley Floor Lamp - Imagine this slender arc in the corner of your existing dinette. It’s hard not to love!
  • Irvin Floor Lamp - Are you just looking for a small light to put near your dinette or kitchen table? Try this one out! It’s a unique shape and size and has an arm for task lighting.


Final thoughts

Start shopping for your next floor lamp at LuxuryFloorLamps.com! We have a curated collection of stylish modern and contemporary lamps that will help revamp any room in your house, including your kitchen. Get started here.


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