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Floor Lamps Are Also Multi-Functional



Did you know there are multi-functional floor lamps and they can be quite utilitarian?


A few examples to consider purchasing for your home, office, or other living space:


  • Floor Lamps with Shelves are convenient space savers, opening up congested furniture spaces.
  • Adjustable Table Floor Lamps can replace night stands, optimizing your limited living space and providing the level of preferred light source.
  • Multidirectional Floor Lamps can provide a focus of light beams in multiple directions from a single stem or from a multiple stemmed portable unit. 
  • Swivel Floor Lamps and Pivoting Floor Lamps are simple and can move your source of light easily, while remaining in a fixed position.
  • Floor Lamps with USB plugs are making their way into the market. For those with limited electrical receptacles this option is quite attractive.
  • Extendable Floor Lamps, Arched Floor Lamps, and Arc Floor Lamps will illuminate hard to reach places, keeping the base of the floor lamp out of the way. 


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