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Best Floor Lamps Under $300


A fantastic lamp can elevate a room. Lamps take a room that’s dark, dull, dim, and uninviting and transforms it into a space where you can socialize, read, relax, or work. Without this luminous punctuation of decoration, your room simply cannot be complete.


Luxury lighting options can get expensive, and while they are worth investing in, we understand if your budget is limited. That’s why we’ve created a list of our favorite floor lamps under $300. We hope this makes fabulous lighting accessible to all who want to improve their current style and take their room to the next level. Let’s get started.


  1. Maarten Floor Lamp

A simple floor lamp with vintage charm and a touch of visual interest, pairs perfectly in a sophisticated room. It’s expertly crafted and hand-finished with materials.


  1. Colton Floor Lamp

If you’re looking for task lighting for an office, this is a great direction to go. This floor lamp has an enduring, modern presentation that will completely revitalize your space. It’s crafted from high-quality metal and sits perfectly over a desk or seating to help you read, with your hobby or your work.


  1. Lucci Floor Lamp

This sleek floor lamp has a bell-shaped shade supported by a slender curved neck. This may be just the lamp you’re seeking for your decorating needs.


  1. Frank Floor Lamp

If you live in a house with children, it’ll be your best friend. It’s unbreakable, weather-resistant, and highly efficient. This floor lamp is an indoor/outdoor floor lamp that’s made from a durable white polyethylene plastic shade and metal base.


  1. Kochi Blush Floor Lamp

A unique and modern floor lamp, unlike some of the options above, doesn’t necessarily belong in an “everyday” space (although, it’s entirely up to you!). We envision this lamp in a studio, hobby room, or other creative space.


  1. Edis Floor Lamp

This floor lamp helps to redefine vintage charm from room to room within any home décor. It’s a perfect design pick, adding texture and depth to your living space.


Final Thoughts
Redecorating doesn’t have to break the bank! Use LuxuryFloorLamps.com as your ultimate resource this year. We have a curated collection of stylish floor lamps and table lamps that will help you complete any room in your house. Get started here or at any of the links above.


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