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Best Floor Lamps for Game Rooms


A proper game room is significant for the whole family. If you designed your game room correctly, then you have something in it that appeals to everyone: a kid’s corner, an adult’s corner, a video game corner, and a game table corner.


Each of these areas needs to be well-equipped and well-lit to keep everyone happy and each area function. Below, we’ll break down each section and discuss what the lighting in each section may look like!


What lighting is best for the kid’s corner?

Lighting in the kid’s corner — mostly likely the playroom — isn’t super important as long as it’s bright ambient lighting. That said, we’d recommend lighting that’s not on the floor and isn’t easily breakable. As such, we can’t necessarily recommend a floor lamp here. These are liable to get broken when kids throw their toys or run through the playroom as kids do.


What lighting is best for the adult’s corner?

The adult’s corner is whatever you want to make of it. For some families, this may be a bar with novelty lighting or LED lighting. Another possibility is a simple spot for you to sit and watch your kids and read, scroll, and drink a glass of wine or have a beer next to a tripod floor lamp.


What lighting is best for the video game corner?

The interesting thing about video gaming rooms is that a lot of gamers prefer to play in the dark. The lack of light allows them to fully focus their attention on the screen. So, how do you create this type of setup if your video gaming corner is sharing a room with other areas that need to be well-lit?

We’d suggest mounting your TV and putting the lights on either side. Just make sure your lights are lower than the TV itself so that there isn’t any kind of reflection or glare. You can do this with either tables or floor lamps. Here are some shorter and less glaring floor lamp suggestions. 


If your gamer prefers complete darkness, then they can always turn these lights out. However, it’ll likely be helpful as they go to turn on their gaming console and get their controllers ready.


What lighting is best for the game table?

A game table is a must for a game room. This is where older children, teens, and adults can play cards or poker. You’ll want to have good task lighting for these types of activities. If you happen to put this table in a corner, we recommend using a couple of floor lamps to make sure the game is well-lit. Here are some of our suggestions. 


Final thoughts

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