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7 Reasons to Transform Your Space with Floor Lamps


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Floor lamps can transform any dark and dim home into a bright and comfortable space. Don’t believe us? Read the following 7 ways that a floor lamp can improve any room in your house.


  1. Floor lamps brighten up the corners

If you have one corner in a room that’s unfinished and dim, a floor lamp is a perfect way to illuminate it. Even if you have existing ceiling lights (pendants, chandeliers, etc.), floor lamps can hug corners and keep out of high-traffic areas. You can also use multiple floor lamps in one room if you really need to brighten things up.


  1. Floor lamps create cozy reading spaces

One of the best functions of a floor lamp is using it to create an ambiance in any given room. Place one by a couch or your favorite reading chair, and you’ll have a cozy reading nook with direct task lighting.


  1. Floor lamps shed light on attractive pieces of décor

Floor lamps can be used to highlight other pieces that you love in your room. For example, architectural details, accent chairs, coffee tables, etc. We recommend using an arc floor lamp with a downward shade and placing it next to a piece of furniture or another decorative feature. This will allow the light to be cast for direct illumination.


  1. Floor lamps act as “jewelry”

When you select the right floor lamps, they act as jewelry for your room furnishing, art, architectural features, and overall theme. Choose your lamps thoughtfully, so they play off pieces you’ve already selected and complement your interior style.


  1. Floor lamps tie the room together

If you have a more cluttered or eclectic style, it can feel challenging to make any room feel cohesive. Fortunately, floor lamps with matching shades and similar heights can help to tie the room together and help make it unified in the way you feel has been missing previously.


  1. Floor lamps are functional

Amongst all their other good traits, floor lamps, at their core, are practical. They provide efficient lighting in whatever space you need them in and helps even the most well-designed space feel complete. Make them part of whatever layered lighting plan you’re creating for a room!


  1. Floor lamps add pizzazz, even outdoors

Floor lamps are often branded as the “accessory” to any room. Above, we called the “jewelry,” so it’s not hard to see why this is. However, they can also be seen as statement pieces are well. Consider the Agnes Lamp or the Rhango Floor Lamp. Wouldn’t they draw your eye immediately upon entering a room? If you don’t own a piece of décor that’s truly eye-catching, why not make it your floor lamp?


Don’t forget your outdoor living space.  Check out these outdoor weather rated Bristol Floor Lamp, Catalina II Floor Lamp, and Canyon Floor Lamp for your outdoor living spaces.


Final thought

Start shopping for your next indoor or outdoor floor lamp with us at LuxuryFloorLamps.com! We have a curated collection of stylish indoor floor lamps and outdoor floor lamps that will help you complete any living space.