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6 Floor Lamps for Small Spaces


Are you looking for a lighting solution for a small space of yours? The right floor lamp can solve this very issue! Here are a few ideas that can save the day when hardwired fixtures aren’t an option.


  1. Arc Floor Lamps

When you first see an arc floor lamp, you may think it’ll take up a lot of room. However, as long as you strategically place it in an unused corner of the room, it can offer the general room lighting that’s needed without cramping your space.


The Modern Arc Design Floor Lamp is a great example of a subtle lamp that can be tucked away in a small space.


  1. Shaded Floor Lamps

A shaded floor lamp is a simple and classic design. You can put this type of floor lamp in a corner or behind a chair to ensure the room has the light it needs, but it doesn’t overpower the space.


The Adeline Floor Lamp is a prime example of a traditional floor lamp with a small, pretty base that can be used in smaller spaces.


  1. Multi-Arm Floor Lamp

Do you love being able to adjust the amount of light in your room? Try out a multi-arm floor lamp that has multiple lights on one base. These lamps are often space savers that can be tucked in corners without taking up tons of floor space.


The Hammond Floor Lamp will add some pizzazz to any room you’re decorating!


  1. Traditional Floor Lamps

Floor lamps don’t necessarily have to be unique or special to fit in a small space. One of the best ways to search for a lamp that works search the traditional floor lamp category. Your core criteria should be a simple design with a slim base. This will allow you to slip it in a corner or place it behind an armchair to maximize the space you have available. If you know the purpose you want it for, you’ll be able to narrow the type of lamp.


For example, the Becker Floor Lamp has a slim base and a round lampshade. Round lampshades direct most of the lamp’s light out through the top and bottom of the shade to provide focused and ambient light.


  1. LED Floor Lamps

Sleek and slender LED floor lamps work wonders in rooms with little space. They not only illuminate your room in an energy-efficient manner, but they also add a unique flair. We love them because they’re visually interesting but relatively thin. Thus, they often don’t add any visual clutter to a small space.


The Munich LED Floor Lamp is a great example of a slender floor lamp that won’t take up lots of space but can still serve as a focal point in a room.


  1. Pharmacy Floor Lamps

Pharmacy floor lamps are a compact option that adds style to the room. You can choose to aim the head upwards for general room lighting or tilt it down for reading.


The Irvin Floor Lamp is a great example of a lamp that offers an elegant touch to a space.


Final Thoughts

Find your ideal floor lamp for the small space in your house! LuxuryFloorLamps.com has a stylish collection of curated lamps waiting for you. Visit here to see more.


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