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5 Tips for Better Home Office Lighting


For over a year now, the majority of the workforce has worked from the comfort of their home, whether it be a house, condominium or apartment. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has become the new way of life, and thus, many have sought to create a space in their home where they can be productive. In this blog, we’ll walk you through 5 tips for better home office lighting. Believe it not, this can drastically impact how effectively you can work.


  1. Avoid working under the direct glare of overhead lights

You’ve probably heard that you need “good lighting” for any work environment. Unfortunately, people often make the mistake of using the provided overhead lights in any given room. For maximum productivity, you’ll want to diffuse the ambient light in ways that will illuminate your office space. Often, this means you’ll need to employ lamps with shades to help soften and scatter the light. Ultimately, the goal is to both illuminate the space and avoid casting shadows. 


  1. Create task lighting with a floor lamp

Do you need a well-defined light source that can help you with a task at your desk or armchair? Create specific task lighting with a floor lamp. This will ensure that you have light to work on your laptop, review photos, write memos, etc.


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  1. Eliminate glare and shadows

Glares and shadows can be an issue in any space when the lighting is off. To help eliminate glare and shadows, start by considering where our light is coming from. Here are some common issues that may annoy you in an office space.


  • Placing a lamp behind you can create annoying glares on your monitor
  • Be mindful of shadows that may be cast when you set a lamp next to you for task lighting
    • For example, if you’re right-handed and you place the lamp on the right, you may cast shadows on your paper
  • Consider the location of the windows in the room when placing any lamps or lighting options


  1. Utilize natural light when possible

Natural light can be one of the best routes to go when working from home; although, it’s not always realistic depending on office location or time of day. When possible, natural light helps to boost your mood and give you energy. For best results with glare, keep the light in front of you. This will also help you to maximize your outside view, and studies show that productivity can increase when you at least have a view outside.


  1. Try decorative office lighting

If your office is your happy space, don’t be afraid to add novelty or decorative office lighting. Do not feel like you have to restrict yourself to task floor lamps or reading floor lamps only. Floor lamps not only improve the amount of light in the space, but also provide direct visual appeal.


Final thoughts

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