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5 Floor Lamps That Will Make You Want to Redesign a Room


Have you ever seen a home décor piece that was simply so stunning that you had to have it? The only problem was that it didn’t go with the décor in your existing room. Before long, you’d redesigned the whole room around it. But it was worth it because this singular piece was so spectacular that you simply couldn’t pass it up.


Believe it or not, at LuxuryFloorLamps.com, we believe lamps can be that piece. Here are 5 floor lamps that will make you want to redesign your entire room.


  1. Byron Floor Lamp

The Byron Floor Lamp makes a statement. There’s no chance that you could walk into a room and not have your eye drawn to it. The body of this floor lamp consists of a gold leaf pattern, which gives it an elegant and stunning presence. The lampshade has a brown exterior and gold interior. In short, this floor lamp is an eye-catching statement piece. It’ll dress up any room and allow you to draw design inspiration from it.

Shop the Byron Floor Lamp here.


  1. Twining Floor Lamp

This floor lamp has an eclectic charm that’s hard to match. Unless your style is naturally eclectic, you’ll probably find yourself redesigning your room around this lamp. And how could you not? It’s expertly crafted and hand-finished with a natural rattan shade. The Twining Floor Lamp is the perfect accent piece in any room.

Shop the Twining Floor Lamp here.


  1. Babel Marble Base Floor Lamp

The Babel Marble Base Floor Lamp has a black, brass body with a white marble base. The grey conical shade is offset by its unique neck. This floor lamp is simultaneously subtle and unusual. This lamp isn’t the same type of standout piece as the Byron Floor Lamp or the Twining Floor Lamp, but you’re still sure to receive comments and compliments on it when you have visitors. Its modern style will instantly add interest to any room.

Shop the Babel Marble Base Floor Lamp here.


  1. Kochi Blush Floor Lamp

It’s unlikely you’ve ever seen anything like the Kochi Blush Floor Lamp. This modern lamp flaunts a sleek design and a perforated shade. Its blush color is perfect for a little girl’s room, salon, or another area where you need additional lighting. It’s yet another lamp that’ll receive comments and questions whenever you have guests.

Shop the Kochi Blush Floor Lamp here.


  1. Water Pipe Floor Lamp

The Water Pipe Floor Lamp is made of recycled metal. Its industrial homage adds visual interest to whatever room it resides in. That said, it’s unlikely this floor lamp will automatically mesh with all of your existing décor. If you fall in love with this lamp, you may find that you’re redesigning your room around it. Nothing wrong with that! Sometimes you’ve got to incorporate the perfect piece no matter what it takes.

Shop the Water Pipe Floor Lamp here.


Final thoughts

Are you searching for the perfect floor lamp? Check out LuxuryFloorLamps.com. Our collection of stylish floor lamps can alter the look and feel of any room. Start shopping the end of this month – June 2021.