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5 Best Floor Lamps in 2022


Are you looking to brighten up your space in 2022 (no pun intended)? Focus on your lighting! A good floor lamp adds form and function to your room, but also color and pizzazz. Below, we’ll showcase the 5 best floor lamps for your rooms in 2022.  Here is a sample of some you may want to incorporate into new home, and your renovation or redecoration plans. 


  1. Irvin Floor Lamp

This copper floor lamp is a high-end version of a style you’ll begin to see everywhere. It borrows its style from vintage pharmacy lamps that were popular in the early 20th century. While it’s slim, it remains impactful and is sure to offer elegance to whatever space you add it to.


  1. Modern Arc Design Floor Lamp

A curved floor lamp in the corner of a room by a bed or chair can be one of the best decorating decisions you make this year. Not only does it free up space, but it also creates visual interest and adds rich texture to your room. Instantly, everyone’s eyes will be drawn upward as soon as they enter the room. We love this lamp for its slim and sleek design. You won’t have to worry about a bulky lamp with this pick!


  1. Ledger Floor Lamp

For anyone seeking a modern floor lamp, this is your ideal pick. It’s nothing outrageous, but it checks all the boxes of a versatile floor lamp. It’s crafted from linen, cotton, polyester, metal, and concrete, which can work with just about any space while also adding further depth and texture.


  1. Glenalvon Floor Lamp

Multipurpose floor lamps are in. If you’ve been struggling to make use of your space because it’s tight, then this is a great direction to go. This particular floor lamp not only serves as lighting for the room, but it also functions as a small side table. Put it next to a bed or chair and use it for beverages, phones, or other small accessories.


  1. Amber Floor Lamp

The tripod floor lamp provides a versatile look that works with almost any décor. If you have space to include them in a room, you’re redecorating in 2022, then we highly recommend considering this modern lamp. It’s designed with a wood frame and white fabric shade.


Final Thoughts
If you’re looking to reinvent one of your favorite rooms in 2022, don’t hesitate to introduce a new floor lamp. Following some of the best lighting trends can allow you to transform your décor. Let LuxuryFloorLamps.com help! We have a curated collection of stylish floor lamps and table lamps that will help you complete any room in your house. Get started here or at any of the links above.


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