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4 Great Floor Lamps


Floor lamps are incredibly popular among homeowners because of their simplicity. There’s no complicated installation, mounting, or wiring involved, and they’re easy to move or swap until you’ve found the perfect home for them. If you’re considering a floor lamp for a room in your house, check out our top four at LuxuryFloorLamps.com.


Here’s why these are great floor lamps to purchase.


  1. Walter Floor Lamp

The Walter Floor Lamp is an affordable traditional style floor lamp that can help revitalize anyone’s space. If you’re looking to give your room a modern spin, this expertly crafted lamp will complement almost anyone’s existing décor. The body and base are nickel brushed model the shade is white linen. It’s a safe yet stylish option that’ll do the job of lighting up your room well.


Shop the Walter Floor Lamp here.


  1. Hammond Floor Lamp

Multi-angular lamps are intended to light a specific area of a room. For example, they may highlight specific areas from behind a sofa seating area or study area to illuminate that specific area rather than an entire room. The Hammond Floor Lamp is a beautiful lamp with a sleek visual interest. Three focus points allows the lamp to be manually adjusted. A lamp with a clean brass sheen and functional rays of light. 


Shop the Hammond Floor Lamp here.


  1. Agnes Lamp

As you lamp shop, you may end up thinking, a “floor lamp is just a floor lamp, right?” Wrong! Luxury floor lamps add to your room. They don’t simply sit in the corner and take up space. The Agnes Lamp is a magical chandelier, but don’t look up! This lamp is simultaneously floor and table compatible, and it’ll turn heads when people enter your room.


Shop the Agnes Lamp here.


  1. Irvin Floor Lamp

The Irvin Floor Lamp, slim and impactful, features copper and gold leaf colors. It’s the ideal addition to any room that needs specific task or reading lighting. For example, if you have a favorite chair in your living room or office where you sit and read a book, pour over the newspaper, or do a puzzle each evening, this is the perfect lighting source to pair with the room. The rest of your room can remain dim for a cozy ambiance while you have plenty of light for your activities. 


Shop the Irvin Floor Lamp here.


Final thoughts

Are you searching for the perfect floor lamp? Check out LuxuryFloorLamps.com. Our collection of stylish floor lamps can alter the look and feel of any room. Start shopping the end of this month – June 2021.