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10 Different Styles of Floor Lamps


Are you seeking a practical lighting source that can be used in almost any room? Behold the floor lamp! This type of lamp is incredibly functional and can influence the mood of the whole room. To figure out the best style of floor lamp for your room, read through the following 10 styles of floor lamps.


  1. Club Floor Lamp

This style of floor lamp is the most basic design you can find. It features a solid base and a simple lampshade around the bulb.


  1. Swing Arm Floor Lamp

Just like a club floor lamp, a swing arm lamp has a column base and lampshade. However, there is a small adjustment to the upper part of the column base that allows the lamp to “swing” left or right as needed. This is a great pick if you’re looking for task lighting over a chair or desk.


  1. Torchière

This floor lamp has a straight base and triangular shade. The light is directed upwards. Overall, it’s a simple and functional design that offers general and ambient light.


  1. Tripod Floor Lamp

This style of lamp is often a slightly modified version of a standard single-column floor lamp design that can add character to your space. It has a base that’s composed of three columns that work together to hold a lampshade and bulb upright.


  1. Six-way Floor Lamp

This floor lamp style is sometimes called a candelabra lamp as it looks like a traditional candelabra, which holds candles. It gives you all the extra light you need.


  1. Tower Floor Lamp

This lamp is generally built with a singular width column “tower.” If this shade spans the entire height of the lamp, then multiple bulbs will diffuse light up and down the column. Sometimes shelves are installed at different heights of the lamp for storage instead of a full-length lampshade.


  1. Down Bridge Floor Lamp

This style of lamp is a task light that stands upright. At the very top, it begins to curve so the lampshade drops down lower than the height of the lamp. As it directs light to a lower level, it’s great for task lighting.


  1. Pharmacy Floor Lamp

A pharmacy floor lamp is similar to a down bridge lamp as it directs light downwards. However, it is adjustable both vertically and horizontally, which allows you to raise and lower them as needed and move the head back and forth where you’d like it.


  1. Arc Floor Lamp

If you’re looking for a mid-century modern floor lamp, this is the design to buy. It has a long, arching body that holds a lightbulb and shade at the end. It’s often placed above a sofa. Typically, it requires quite a bit of space as it makes a dramatic statement wherever it’s placed.


  1. Tree Floor Lamp


A tree floor lamp has 3 or more lightbulbs and miniature shades that can sometimes be adjusted to have light directed in multiple places.


Final thoughts


Do any of the above stick out for you and your space? Floor lamps are an ideal light source because they can match almost any room! If you’re ready to find the lamp of your dreams, start shopping at LuxuryFloorLamps.com next month, June 2021.